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Low Elo Agent Tier List Patch 7.01 – Valorant

Low Elo Agent Tier List Patch 7.01: In this article, we will discuss the best characters to play in low ELO (ELO refers to a player’s skill rating) based on the Metal Ranked Tier List. This tier list focuses on the most effective agents for climbing the ranks from Iron to Platinum. We will explore the strengths and weaknesses of each agent, taking into consideration their kit and how well it works in low ELO games. Whether you’ve been hard-stuck in a metal rank or looking to climb to the next tier, this article provides valuable insights to help you succeed.

Disclaimer: This tier list is not based on what is objectively meta in professional play but focuses on the characters that are realistically easier to climb within low ELO games.

Low Elo Agent Tier List Patch 7.01:

D Tier:

  1. Viper: Viper requires a significant amount of learning and precise setup. Playing her incorrectly can negatively impact your team, making her less viable in the metal ranks.
  2. Yoru: Although Yoru can be powerful in higher ranks, he has a steep learning curve and high skill cap. It takes considerable effort to become proficient with Yoru, making him challenging for climbing in lower ranks.
  3. KAY/O: KAY/O relies heavily on teamwork and coordination. While he can be effective with a coordinated team, in low ELO games where coordination is often lacking, his impact may be limited.

C Tier:

  1. Astra: Astra is a decent controller, but her effectiveness relies on coordination and strategy. In uncoordinated settings, where players don’t follow set strategies, she may not perform as well.
  2. Brimstone: Brimstone is a solid character, especially when paired with a good duelist. However, relying on teamwork can be challenging in solo carry situations.
  3. KJ/ Killjoy: Killjoy brings utility value to the table, and her abilities can deter opponents. In lower ranks, where players often struggle to clear utility effectively, Killjoy can be highly impactful.

B Tier:

  1. Sky: Sky’s utility shines when players play around with her information. In duo or trio settings, she can be more effective. However, in solo queue situations, where coordination is lacking, her impact may be limited.
  2. Chamber: If you have excellent aim, Chamber can hard carry lobbies with pistols and sniper rifles. He rewards aim-based plays, but there might be other agents that are slightly easier to climb with.
  3. Reyna: Reyna can be a great pick for individual carries due to her ability to aggressively challenge opponents and heal herself. While mastering her is difficult, her high carry potential makes her a solid choice.

A Tier:

  1. Sage: Sage’s wall and healing abilities bring inherent value to the team. In lower ranks, opponents may struggle to play around her utility effectively, giving Sage an advantage.
  2. Omen: Omen’s versatility allows for more freedom in playstyle. He can lurk, provide utility, and frag efficiently, making him a strong choice for carrying in lower ranks.
  3. Phoenix: Phoenix’s kit enables him to flash, enter sites, and heal himself. He can have a high impact on games, even without a coordinated team.

S Tier:

  1. Raze: Raze excels in both individual carry potential and utility value. Her abilities provide automatic value, and her aggressive playstyle can be difficult for opponents to deal with, making her the top choice for climbing in low ELO.
  2. Jet: Jet’s ability to take aggressive duels and escape makes her a strong contender for carrying games. While mastering her may take time, her potential impact is immense.
  3. Killjoy: Killjoy’s ability to lock down sites and deter opponents brings immense value in low ELO games, where players may struggle to effectively deal with their utility.


When it comes to climbing in low ELO, choosing the right agent can significantly impact your success. While individual skill and game sense are crucial, selecting an agent that provides intrinsic value and suits your playstyle is equally important. Based on the Low Elo Agent Tier List for Patch 7.01, agents like Raze, Jet, and Killjoy are considered the best choices for climbing in rank. However, it’s essential to remember that individual performance and improvement should always be a priority for long-term success.

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