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LEGO Eldorado Fortress Review 10320 (2023)

LEGO Eldorado Fortress Review: LEGO has released the highly anticipated LEGO Eldorado Fortress, bringing back the nostalgia of the classic pirate sets. This revamped version retains the iconic box design and offers exciting features for adult fans. In This review will explore the set’s details, including minifigures, playability, and value for money.

NameLEGO Eldorado Fortress
Set Number10320
Price$214.99 (Approximate)
Release Date7 July 2023 (VIP Early Access)

Reliving Pirate Adventures:

LEGO Eldorado Fortress 10320 allows us to travel back to the days of thrilling pirate stories. The design and packaging of the set instantly bring back memories of the classic pirate theme, with its familiar yellow borders and angled stripe. It’s a treat for fans who love pirate tales and treasure hunts.

Inside The Box of LEGO Eldorado Fortress:

When you open the box, you’ll find an abundance of carefully crafted pieces waiting to be assembled. With 2509 pieces, the set guarantees hours of fun building and playing. Plus, there are eight awesome minifigures included, and a surprise awaits those who explore further.

Immerse Yourself in the Pirate World:

The LEGO Eldorado Fortress 10320 allows you to immerse yourself in a thrilling pirate world. From the impressive fortress to the detailed ship, every part of the set contributes to the adventurous atmosphere. You’ll also find a rowboat, a mischievous monkey, and other accessories that complete the pirate experience.

Minifigures and Accessories:

Minifigures and Accessories

The minifigures in the LEGO Eldorado Fortress are incredibly detailed and fun to play with. The two pirates have fantastic torsos, and the Imperial Guard stands out with a unique golden shoulder piece and a printed hat. The inclusion of female officers with dual-molded tricorne hats adds diversity and character to the set. Additionally, the soldiers with muskets and backpacks bring an authentic touch to the pirate theme.

Awesome Upgraded Ship:

Awesome Upgraded Ship

One of the highlights of the LEGO Eldorado Fortress is the upgraded ship. Inspired by the Imperial Trading Post set from 1992, the ship’s design is impressive. With cloth sails and intricate details, it becomes the centerpiece of the set. LEGO’s commitment to creating visually stunning models is evident in this beautifully designed ship.

Exploring the Brick-Built Fortress:

The Eldorado Fortress itself is a masterpiece of brick-built construction. Although it doesn’t have the raised baseplate element of the original set, the brick-built landscape compensates for it. The clever use of gray, medium azure and tan colors creates a visually pleasing combination. The inclusion of palm trees, seaweed, and a hidden cave adds depth and excitement to the overall structure.

Flexible Design for Extra Fun:

The LEGO Eldorado Fortress offers a modular design that enhances playability. You can rearrange the modules using clips and bars, providing various configurations and play possibilities. This versatility allows you to explore and interact with different rooms, hidden features, and secret passages, adding to the fun and creativity of the set.

Great Value for the Price:

Priced at $215, the LEGO Eldorado Fortress offers excellent value for money. With a generous piece count of 2509, the set provides hours of entertainment and building enjoyment. Additionally, the inclusion of eight minifigures, cloth sails, and a wide range of accessories adds to the overall value of the set.

Comparing with the Original Eldorado Fortress:

While the LEGO Eldorado Fortress pays homage to the original set, some differences exist. The absence of the raised baseplate may disappoint fans, but the brick-built landscape compensates for it. The upgraded ship and enhanced minifigure designs bring a fresh twist to the set while capturing the spirit of the classic pirate theme.


In conclusion, the LEGO Eldorado Fortress is a fantastic set that appeals to fans of the classic pirate theme. With its attention to detail, immersive play features, and modular design, it offers an exciting building and playing experience. Whether you’re a nostalgic adult collector or a passionate builder seeking new adventures, the LEGO Eldorado Fortress is a treasure worth adding to your collection.

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