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Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Best Decks (1v1, 2v2 & PvE)

Harry Potter Magic Awakened Best Decks: Deck building holds immense importance in the game Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, as it directly impacts a player’s performance and success in various game modes. Crafting a well-structured and synergistic deck is crucial for strategic gameplay. A carefully constructed deck allows players to leverage the strengths of their chosen characters, spells, and magical creatures, while also countering their opponents’ strategies effectively. Balancing offensive and defensive capabilities, incorporating spells with different effects, and considering card rarity and cost are essential aspects of deck building. A well-designed deck not only enhances the overall gameplay experience but also increases the chances of victory in duels, challenges, and competitions within the magical world of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.

Deck Building Strategies:

Deck Building Strategies

Building a balanced and synergistic deck is crucial in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened to maximize your chances of success in battles and challenges. Here are some tips to help you create an effective deck:

  • Understand Card Roles: Familiarize yourself with the different card types such as spells, creatures, and enchantments. Each card serves a specific purpose, so consider their strengths, weaknesses, and synergies when selecting them.
  • Balance Resource Costs: Ensure a balanced distribution of low, medium, and high-cost cards in your deck. This allows for flexibility in different game situations, ensuring you always have options to play regardless of your available resources.
  • Synergize Card Effects: Look for card combinations that synergize well together. For example, pairing spells that amplify creature abilities or combining enchantments that boost specific card types. Synergistic effects can enhance your deck’s overall performance.
  • Consider Card Rarity: While rare and legendary cards may have powerful abilities, don’t neglect common and uncommon cards. They can still provide valuable utility and fill important roles in your deck.
  • Adapt to Metagame: Stay updated with the game’s metagame and adjust your deck accordingly. If certain card types or strategies are prevalent, consider including cards that can counter or disrupt those strategies effectively.
  • Test and Refine: Experiment with different deck configurations and playtest them in battles. Observe how your cards perform and make adjustments based on their effectiveness.

By applying these tips and refining your deck over time, you can build a well-balanced and synergistic deck that suits your playstyle and increases your chances of victory in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.

Best Decks for 1v1 Battles:

Deck composition for offensive playstyle:

Deck composition for offensive playstyle

For those favoring an offensive playstyle in 1v1 battles within Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, a well-composed deck is key to achieving victory. Consider the following deck composition tips:

  • Offensive Spells: Include powerful offensive spells such as “Expelliarmus,” “Confringo,” and “Sectumsempra.” These spells deal direct damage to opponents, weakening them and turning the tides of battle in your favor.
  • High-Damage Creatures: Incorporate creatures with high attack power, such as “Fire Crab,” “Acromantula,” and “Hippogriff.” These formidable creatures can swiftly dismantle enemy defenses and apply consistent pressure.
  • Combo Synergy: Seek cards that synergize well together. For instance, pairing spells like “Stupefy” or “Freezing Charm” with creatures that have special abilities like “Werewolf” or “Giant Spider” can create devastating combos.
  • Disruption and Control: Integrate spells like “Confundo” or “Petrificus Totalus” to disrupt your opponent’s strategy and gain an advantage. Controlling the flow of the battle can pave the way for your offensive maneuvers.

By carefully selecting offensive spells, powerful creatures, combo synergies, and disruptive tools, you can construct a deck that maximizes your offensive potential in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened’s exhilarating 1v1 battles.

Deck composition for defensive playstyle:

Deck composition for defensive playstyle

For players who prefer a defensive playstyle in 1v1 battles within Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, constructing a well-rounded and resilient deck is crucial. Consider the following deck composition tips for a strong defensive strategy:

  • Defensive Spells: Include spells like “Protego,” “Shield Charm,” and “Patronus Charm” to shield yourself from incoming damage. These spells provide valuable protection and buy you time to strategize.
  • Tanky Creatures: Incorporate creatures with high health and defensive abilities, such as “Mountain Troll,” “Giant Spider,” and “Troll Guardian.” These resilient creatures can absorb damage and act as formidable barriers.
  • Healing and Restoration: Integrate spells like “Healing Potion,” “Episkey,” and “Fairy” to restore your health and maintain sustainability during prolonged battles.
  • Disruption and Control: Include spells like “Expelliarmus” or “Confundo” to disrupt your opponent’s offensive momentum and gain control over the battle tempo.

By assembling a deck that emphasizes defensive spells, sturdy creatures, healing abilities, and disruptive control, you can create an impenetrable defense in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened’s 1v1 battles, frustrating opponents and setting the stage for a well-earned victory.

Best Decks for 2v2 Battles:

Best Decks for 2v2 Battles

Finding the best decks for 2v2 battles in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened requires a combination of effective cards and strategic synergy. Here are some deck compositions that have proven to be successful:

  • “Elemental Dominance”: This deck combines spells like “Fireball,” “Blizzard,” and “Thunderstorm” to control the battlefield and deal area damage. Supportive creatures like “Fairy” and “Niffler” enhance the deck’s versatility.
  • “Wizarding Trio”: This deck features three powerful characters—Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley. Their unique abilities and spells create a formidable force, augmented by defensive cards like “Protego” and “Healing Potion.”
  • “Beast Tamer”: This deck revolves around creatures such as “Acromantula,” “Phoenix,” and “Werewolf.” Combined with support spells like “Revive” and “Energy Boost,” it unleashes a relentless assault, overwhelming opponents with relentless creature attacks.
  • “Forbidden Arts”: This deck focuses on dark and forbidden spells like “Avada Kedavra,” “Imperio,” and “Crucio.” With careful timing and control, this deck can disrupt enemy strategies and exploit vulnerabilities for a swift victory.

Experimenting with different card combinations and strategies is key to discovering the best decks for 2v2 battles. Adapt the decks to suit your playstyle and communicate effectively with your teammate to maximize synergy and coordination on the battlefield in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.

Best Decks for Forbidden Forest:

Best Decks for Forbidden Forest

When traversing the dangerous Forbidden Forest in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, having the best decks can greatly enhance your chances of success. Consider these deck compositions tailored specifically for the challenges of the Forbidden Forest:

  • “Forest Guardians”: This deck combines powerful forest creatures like “Centaur,” “Bowtruckle,” and “Thestral” with defensive spells such as “Protego” and “Forest Shield.” It excels at withstanding enemy attacks while dealing steady damage.
  • “Dark Enchantments”: This deck focuses on dark spells like “Obscuro,” “Sectumsempra,” and “Dementor’s Kiss” to debilitate foes. Support these spells with creatures like “Werewolf” and “Acromantula” to maintain offensive pressure.
  • “Mystical Diviners”: This deck revolves around divination spells such as “Divination” and “Ancient Runes” to gain insights into enemy actions. Combine them with creatures like “Hippogriff” and “Unicorn” for a balanced approach to offense and defense.
  • “Flaming Forest”: This deck relies on fire-based spells like “Incendio” and “Burning Hex” to unleash devastating flames. Complement these spells with creatures like “Fire Crab” and “Salamander” for relentless fiery assaults.

Remember, adapting these decks to your playstyle and mastering their synergies is essential. Navigate the challenges of the Forbidden Forest in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened with these potent decks to secure victory against formidable opponents.


In the magical world of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, the choice of deck can make a significant impact on your gameplay. Through careful consideration and experimentation, players can discover the best decks that suit their playstyle and objectives. Whether it’s offensive dominance, defensive resilience, or strategic versatility, there are deck compositions available to cater to every preference. The key lies in finding the right balance of powerful spells, synergistic creatures, and effective strategies. By constructing and refining the best decks, players can unlock the full potential of their magical abilities and embark on thrilling adventures within the wizarding world of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.

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