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How To Beat Crazed Cat in Battle Cats

How To Beat Crazed Cat: Battle Cats is a popular tower defense mobile game that features a unique cast of hilarious and deranged-looking cats. One of the challenging stages in Battle Cats is the Crazed Cat stage, where players face formidable enemies. In this article, we will provide you with two effective strategies to conquer the Crazed Cat stage and emerge victorious.

The Recommended Lineup (Strategy 1)

To begin, it’s important to note that the first strategy requires the Paris Cat unit. However, we will also discuss an alternative lineup for those who don’t have Paris Cat. Here’s the recommended lineup for the Crazed Cat stage:

  • Any 3 cheap meatshield cats for spamming
  • Wall Cat for stalling
  • Bahamut Cat
  • Paris Cat (Alternative: Samba Cat)
  • Dragon Cat
  • Valkyrie Cat

Basic Cats and Bahamut (Strategy 2)

This strategy is suitable for players who don’t have access to certain rare cats like Paris Cat. Here’s the lineup:

  • Macho Cat
  • Samba Cat (Alternative: Valkyrie Cat)
  • Wall Cat
  • Dragon Cat
  • Bahamut Cat
  • Valkyrie Cat (Alternative: Sniper Cat)

Now, let’s delve into the strategies for defeating the Crazed Cat stage.

Strategy Breakdown:

  • Start the battle by stalling and collecting money. Use your meatshield cats and Wall Cat to hold back the initial enemies while generating income.
  • Once you have enough money, deploy Bahamut Cat as your primary damage dealer. Keep spawning Wall Cats to protect Bahamut Cat as it advances towards the enemy base.
  • Avoid having multiple Bahamut Cats attacking simultaneously to ensure they target different enemies effectively.
  • As the enemy base’s HP drops to 99%, more powerful enemies will spawn. At this point, start spamming meatshield cats, Wall Cats, and other offensive cats except Bahamut.
  • Maintain a steady stream of meatshields and stallers while using Bahamut Cat’s high damage output to weaken the enemy base.

For Strategy 2:

  • Turn off CPU Cat and Sniper Cat at the beginning. Allow the enemies to approach your base, and then stack at least three Bahamut Cats before reaching the enemy base.
  • Once your Bahamut stack is near the enemy base, manually spam meatshield cats. Then, turn on CPU Cat and Sniper Cat to provide additional support.
  • Watch the battle unfold, adapting your strategy as needed.


Successfully conquering the Crazed Cat stage in Battle Cats requires strategic planning and effective use of your cat units. Whether you have access to Paris Cat or not, the key elements remain the same: stalling, generating income, and utilizing Bahamut Cat’s destructive power. By following the recommended lineups and strategies outlined in this guide, you can enhance your chances of clearing the Crazed Cat stage and securing the rare Crazed Cat unit.

Remember to adapt and refine your strategy based on your upgrades and the specific conditions of the battle. Good luck, commander!

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